Dave Shotsman

My daughter has been practicing Shotokan Karate with Sensei Holmes for about four years. During that time, I have come to admire Sensei Holmes' teaching techniques. Not only does he teach the physical side of Karate, but also emphasizes the life side; maintaining a humble attitude and staying grounded.

It's been a valuable experience for me, adding another tool to assist in successfully raising my daughter. In some cases directly and in other cases indirectly.

The world can be a cruel place sometimes. It's nice to know there are a few bright places left. I thank you Sensei for all that you have taught my daughter throughout her early years of life. They will be some of my fondest memories.


Yuri Bingman

"Since joining Lincoln Budokan, my son's concentration skill has increased and so has his self-confidence. He has learned respect for others and himself just like I was taught at my Kendo Dojo in Japan when I was his age. In general Kendo has been one of the best character-building activities I have involved my son in and I thank Sensei Brad Holmes for all of his efforts and his great teaching skill."


Shanda C.

"My boys have been taking karate from Sensei Holmes since January 2015. My oldest needed some work on focus, and my younger son needed work on self discipline. I am pleased with how effective Sensei's class, just two times a week, has given us just that. Not to mention a respect for others and themselves. I also appreciate the flexibility of attending any evening/evenings, and the insight Sensei has on each of his students. Two thumbs up for Lincoln Budokan!"


Dale & Kim Thiesen

"Our son Nicolas has been taking Shotokan Karate from Sensei Holmes since 2005. Although there are characteristics about Shotokan that we feel make it a desirable form of Karate, there are several aspects of Sensei Holmes in particular that we truly appreciate. He instills a sense of responsibility among the kids and young adults that will pay dividends for the rest of their lives. He uses a unique mix of fun and discipline that keeps the kids engaged while they are learning Karate. The art of self–discipline is stressed in all his classes and we have seen it carry over into other areas of our son's life, whether it be in his school work or his relationships with his friends and siblings."

"Sensei Holmes regularly asks the older kids to help the newer ones with their katas. We feel this provides the advanced kids with another form of responsibility and introduces them to the concept of “giving back” to their class. Being occasionally put into the position of “teacher” tends to make someone a better student."

"And finally, Sensei Holmes does not promote someone through the ranks just for the sake of promotion — the kids have to earn each promotion. This is a very powerful lesson and one that some kids fail to learn during childhood. Throughout life, the promotions that are worth achieving come through hard work, dedication, perseverance and discipline — traits that we believe Sensei Holmes has taught our son."


Alan & Monica Dawson

"I trained as an adult with Brad Holmes during the 1970s–80s in martial arts at the University of Nebraska — Lincoln. I have always had the greatest respect for his skills and discipline for Karate."

"My son, Connor, started in Karate when he was 5 years old and has been training with Sensei Holmes for 10 years. Having known Mr. Holmes' skills and patience with children, I always knew that I would want my son to train under Sensei Holmes. As a teenager, Connor has many talents and achievements, one of them being a black belt in Shotokan Karate. Sensei Holmes has worked with Connor and the other students to produce children who are confident, disciplined, courteous and respectful to those around them. Karate is ideal for kids to develop both physically and mentally."

"The mental focus and discipline that Sensei instills in his students spill over into their everyday lives. As a result, Connor has acquired great study habits, school performance, the ability to focus and follow instructions. Mr. Holmes uses discipline, consistency, creativity and friendship to engage students in his Karate dojo."

"Karate is the tool to shape the child and polish the soul of the person we all wish our children to be. This Karate dojo has a lot of positive energy and it shows in the children. Connor has learned valuable life lessons through Sensei Holmes and Karate. These are skills that he will carry throughout his life, laying a foundation for a well–adjusted adult. Thank you Mr. Holmes."


Shelly Izzo

"I have two children that currently take Shotokan Karate from Sensei Holmes. The oldest has been in his classes for 3 years and the youngest for a year. My children are involved in several other actives throughout the year, yet the boys continue to take karate year round. Since Karate is not a seasonal sport the kids have a continuous focus on the katas taught at each level. As the kids achieve a new ranking, a new belt color is awarded for all their hard work. The achievement is a huge deal at the dojo and for each of the kids on an individual level as well as the class as a whole. My children have learned that self–discipline and hard constant work will end in reward for them and fulfillment in the eyes of Sensei Holmes. I have seen the remarkable improvement of the boys from their first weeks as white belts to where they stand in the ranking they have today. Karate is just as rewarding for a parent to see the kids grow in the class, as it for the kids to learn leadership, respect, and importance of following the rules and the fact that Sensei Holmes is proud of his students and what they have learned from his teaching. I believe that in karate what they have learned will spill into their lives outside of class and benefits all the aspects of their lives."